~ ANUSARA ~ the yoga of the heart
The secrecy of the ages is embedded within us. The knowledge of our Oneness with all Creation. The knowledge that at heart, we are all inherently good. The knowledge that we are all complete just the way we are. There is no more seeking or longing for something outside ourselves to fix us or make us better. We are all inherently Divine. It is our nature to awaken. To bring the ego into the heartflow, to service the Self, and the greater good. This is what our practice teaches us. We are never alone. We always have the ability to tap into the heartflow and align with our true nature. This is Anusara Yoga~ the yoga of the heart.
- Nelle Turner Durizch

Walked out this morning. I don't believe what I saw. A hundred million bottles washed upon the shore. It seems I'm not alone in being alone. A hundred million castaways looking for a home.
- Sting "Message In A Bottle"

Anusara Yoga in Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh and Pittsboro, NC
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